Under the management of Maria Åkerlund and Christian Jacobsson GDQ Associates is determined to keep developing the GDQ in the spirit of research and high quality. We are happy to service you with a new platform for the GDQ online measurements, fully editable Powerpoint reports and an upcoming online certification for aspiring GDQ consultants all over the globe. Our mission is to spread the GDQ far and wide for the benefit of all groups. We hope our new platform may broaden the international reach of the GDQ and add to that mission. For more information about what we are up to in 2018, check our recent news below!


Refresh your GDQ skills

Courses for certified GDQ consultants who need repetition of the administration, interpretation, and presentation of GDQ results

22 October 2019, 13.00-16.00 (CET) in central Stockholm. Teacher: Maria Åkerlund.

Cost: 5.000 SEK per participant.

14th of May 2020, 13.00-16.00 (CET) in central Stockholm. Teacher: Maria Åkerlund.

Cost: 5000 SEK per participant.

We also provide case consultation to help interpret GDQ results and recommend next steps. Contact gdq@gdqassoc.com to book a consultation. Cost: 2500 SEK per hour.

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From January 1st 2018 all GDQ measurements will be referred to our new platform www.gdqassoc.com/my-gdq-management. If you have any problems to login contact us at gdq@gdqassoc.com.

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We are always open to new partnerships and research projects. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.